About Us

Hey I'm Charlie! Here at Charlie's Custom Concreations our goal is to bring the best equipment technology has to offer and use it to make masterpieces. Utilize a new unique perspective in the world of self expression. 


I started out concrete at the age of 18. Worked my way up the ranks to leading foreman. Now there isn't any concrete I cant lay Ive done it all! My target however was to figure out a way to use my experience with concrete and utilize it in a way that most people don't. I stumbled across a Machine that led me to where I'm at today!

My Engineering Technician has been using a CNC over the past 3 years at his day job. Has been trained in Mach3, VCarve Pro, AutoCAD CNC programming, and is a superb artist. It was almost natural to acquire both suits and combine these skill sets to make a new concept an awesome reality, Concreate Engraving!